I’m a creative and progressive leader with a strong vision for a more just society. Before I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees I spent about 15+ years traveling as a waiter, bartender and manager in the restaurant industry. I’ve lived in 9 cities so far across the United States, and carry a unique perspective of cities and rural areas across the nation.

Some fun facts about me include:
1. I have a bunny named Bowie as a pet. He’s a lion-head rabbit with a knack for hopping on the couch when he knows he’s not allowed.
2. When I was 11 years old, I skipped school to attend my first anti-racism rally with friends. I was hooked on social activism from that day on.
3. My wife Cathy and I eloped just 6 months after we met, and yes, we are still happy we did it.
4. I was born with a heart condition and have spent my life finding joy in movement. I love hiking, yoga, and when no one is looking, dance.
5. My mom is indeed, my dearest friend. In 2017 we both experienced life threatening injuries and have supported one another through the process of recovery, becoming closer than ever.